Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Non Matching Bridesmaid Dress Match-Up

Happy Hump Day!

I've shown you examples of weddings that featured non-matching bridesmaid dresses, so I thought it would be fun to look and see what I can find, put together and share with you! This was really fun and there are so many cute dresses out there. Can't wait to do it again! Let me know what you think.

Pretty Pales

Sources Clockwise: 1. Mod Cloth 2. Mod Cloth 3. Mod Cloth 4. Nasty Gal

Beautiful Blues

Sources Clockwise: 1. Mod Cloth 2. Urban Outfitters 3. Forever 21 4. Mod Cloth 5. Forever 21 6. Urban Outfitters

Hot Pink & Floral

Sources Clockwise: 1. Forever 21 2. Nasty Gal 3. Ruche 4. Nasty Gal

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