Friday, September 3, 2010

Free People Love

I'm up early working at my school's computer lab with Trader Joe's Smooth & Mellow (best cheap coffee ever) coffee pumping through my veins. I can't hold in these feelings of inspiration and productivity! I love these days.

I feel like doing a fashion entry today...Free People's blog is so awesome, and I check it almost every day. There's always something gorgeous there. One day when I'm not in college and I have a real job (and not like 4 part time ones), I will buy all of their clothes. Ha. Now, I just scrape up the sale items at Nordstrom Rack and random places online...and buy the cheap brands that look similar.

I'm currently obsessed with the pictures from their September Catalog Sneak Peak entry...

I also love it when they post pictures of put together outfits on real girls....

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