Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Colorful Decor DIY's!

1. Super Easy Rainbow Accordian Streamers. Found here!

Mason Jar Lights! Found here.


  1. I LOVE the mason jar lights! Nicholas and I are planning to use bees and honey as part of our theme (since he's a beekeeper), and the mason jars would be a great addition. Another cute idea: we're keeping Zachary's 4oz. baby food jars and we are going to reuse those to put Nick's honey in, and I'll make labels that say "meant to bee" or something similar.

  2. How cool! I was just listening to a talk radio show on Saturday morning and they were talking about bee keeping and bee keeping classes and I was thinking how cool that would be! That is such a cute idea with the baby jars! It brings the 3 of you together :)



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